An Intro to Service Design

“An intro to what?” This is a common question many ask after hearing this term. Join us to discover the real meaning of service design and how simple and handy it is to introduce it to various business environments. Experts say that the experience of a service or product is able to drive a business or even a whole industry. But how do you identify customer’s needs? How do you know what business aspects are key? How can designers effectively
pitch an intangible idea to executives?
Service design tools and methods facilitate conversations and reduce communication silos between people and processes.
• what is Service Design
• what is the Service Blueprint tool
• how you can use this tool to evaluate and plan a holistic system, understand customer  pain points, and discover design opportunities
Sabina Pareja-Lecaros, an Industrial and Service design graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her past studies and work experience in Design Research, Human-Centered Design and UX have converted her into a user advocate: always pushing to create and delight with meaningful experiences.

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