React Development: Connecting React Native with Firebase


Our meetups aim to teach and help developers grow in their environment, and we want to give tools that will help developers solve common problems that can be encountered in any project.

Come and meet new developers and share your experience with them, if you have a coding problem together we can find the best solution to them, and if you’re starting we’ll set you up, and you can start coding right away!


For this meeting we’ll be talking about:


1) How to implement Firebase to your React Native project. Firebase is a platform that allows building websites and apps without the need for a backend language, making the development process more manageable.

2) Once everything is clear, we’ll go into some coding interview problems, showing the best way to solve them and explain why that’s the optimal solution.

3)And finally, if you’re working on a project and you’re stuck and looking for help or advice we encourage to ask one of our Host any related question you might have.


Remember to bring your laptop, and if you have any doubts, we’ll help you in any way we can.


Let us become developers together!



This Event is possible, thanks to:

Very Big Things

Cobuild Lab

Starthub Miami

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