Scala Implicit

This time we are going to be talking about Scala Implicits. This is a construct of great confusion for Scala newcomers. We will go over why we need implicit (Scala is not the only language that has them, C# does too), how to properly use them in Scala and how they enable more important concepts in Scala such type classes.


Nicolas A Perez, our organizer will be leading this event. Nicolas has been using Scala for 4 years in different environments, from Big Data with Apache Spark to embedded devices for Government satellites.

Nicolas also has experience in other languages and technologies since he used C# and F# for more he wants to admit.

Ultimately, Nicolas works at PLXIS, where Test Driven Development (TDD) is a most given him a different perspective about how systems are designed and implemented with extremely high quality. He strongly recommends applying at PLXIS. PLXIS is hiring! Send your resume to

Please, find Nicolas at

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