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A little bit about the LAB Miami Ventures

LAB Miami Ventures is a Venture-Builder, creating disruptive new digital businesses based out of The LAB Miami. We ideate new tech businesses and then develop them from scratch in partnership with highly motivated entrepreneurs.
Our vision for the Lab ventures Studio is the following:

  •  Take a core team & entrepreneurs in residence;
  •  Add shared infrastructure & in-house funding;
  •  Generate ideas internally, or in some cases, act as a cofounder;
  •  Build multiple startups in parallel;
  •  Trash what doesn’t work, reassign team – so you keep all the expertise;
  •  Spin off what works into a dedicated company;
  •  Grow. Exit. Repeat.

About LUMI

Born out of LAB Miami Ventures, LUMI was built on one simple principle: finding an off-campus property should be a quick and easy process for students. LUMI is your one-stop-shop for off-campus housing solutions, offering fully-furnished off-campus houses for students in close proximity to their university.

Browse and tour our curated properties virtually, or sublet your unit so you can study in Madrid for a semester. Whatever the case is, make yourself comfy with LUMI.

Created by tech entrepreneurs. Based in Miami, FL, our team and investors have been part of startups that identified areas of opportunity, innovated, and helped scale businesses in fintech ($700m exit), in edtech (raised over $120m in VC/PE), i-banking (raised over $10b) and in education and event management companies.

What we offer to Co-Founders:

  • Access to Advisors: ​Team is a critical factor for a successful startup. We bring in advisors and mentors from our network of veteran entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  • In-House Development: ​Our in-house technology team will support you on a day-to-day basis, making sure you develop with highest quality and the lowest cost
  • Speed to Market: ​Our network of industry experts and connections to leading corporations can help you get that first pilot for proof-of-concept
  • Follow-on Funding: ​Once initial traction is achieved, we will guide you on your first fundraising adventure, with warm introductions to our own investors

What are we looking for?

We are searching for a CEO /Co-Founder of My Rent Hero. We need an exceptionally skilled and ambitious entrepreneur, with a long-term vision of success. The person for this role needs to picture themselves running a Multi-Million-dollar company in the long term.

  •   Self-starter & Entrepreneurial Spirit ​– Desire to want to build, grow, and own the outcomes of a business’s success. Someone with a continuous improvement mindset capable of driving for results often with limited or incomplete information. Fast learner who takes initiative to learn quickly, is proactive and goal-oriented, and runs with what information is available vs. waiting to
  •  Strategic thinking​ – co-founders need to excel at strategic thinking in order to identify product opportunities and make business decisions that ensure long-term success and growth
  • Fundraising Experience – ​The right co – founder has several years experience in raising outside capital, preferably in a startup environment. You need to be well versed in the fundraising process, valuation calculations, and comfortable identifying and convincing investors to invest.
  • Market research​ – it’s also vital that co-founders are able to conduct market research and analyze trends and data to make well-informed business decisions
  • Product development –​ in the early stages of a company, co-founders take an active role in product development, making both high-level and minute decisions regarding their products before they go to market
  • Marketing and promotion​ – co-founders need to successfully promote their products before they go to market, building anticipation and creating demand through social media, advertising, and networking
  • Personnel management​ – as a company grows, a co-founder needs to excel at recruiting, hiring, and retaining talented and dedicated staff members who can help bring the co-founder’s vision to life
  • Financial planning​ – co-founders need a solid grasp of financial planning and forecasting and should be able to set milestones and budgets to ensure solvency and long-term growth. Along with this, co-founder needs to have the knowledge and skill set of obtaining external funding.Ideal Qualifications:
  •   ​A demonstrated leader, focused on the growth and development
  •   Experience managing a Real Estate Portfolio
  •   Proficiency in identifying prospective sites, negotiating contracts, and providing lease abstracts
  •   Experience in Real Estate Ventures, Asset Management and Finance
  •   Experience and proven success with Fundraising, in a startup environment
  •   Strong business knowledge in the areas of Management, Finance, Accounting and Marketing
  •   Experience with data visualization tools and passion for insight driven decision making
  •   Excellent communication skills; enjoys collaboration and driving alignment among stakeholders
  •   A Real Estate license is a bonus!

To apply for this job email your details to mark@thelabmiami.com

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