Founding Software Engineer

Traba is on a mission to empower workers and local businesses to unlock their full productivity and earning potential.
We’re building a marketplace focused on connecting workers to flexible shifts at warehouses, distribution centers, and event venues. We believe people should be empowered to find work that works for themwork that is flexible, transparent, meaningful, and available just a few taps away. We believe businesses should be empowered to fill their variable staffing needs with the most reliable workers, on demand, and with ease. By connecting both, we can unlock new levels of productivity and earning potential, and open new avenues for career growth. If this mission resonates with you, let’s chatwe’re looking for driven teammates who want to build the future of work alongside us.

We have raised over $3.6M to build our vision, and are proud to have some of the world’s best investors on our journey with us. This includes Founders Fund, General Catalyst, Lux Capital, Village Global, the Founders of Eventbrite, Lattice, Lambda School, Cloud Trucks, Notion, Trusted Health, Clearing, Compass, Eightsleep, Behance, Maiya, OpenStore and OnDeck.

This position is located in Miami.We believe working together side by side is key in the early 0-1 phase of a company, and we’re excited to build the next big tech company in the heart of sunny Miami.

We are seeking an experienced & entrepreneurial full-stack engineer to join the founding team to help build our core suite of productsthe React Native worker mobile app, the React/Node.js business web app, and a React/Node.js tools platform for our ops team. You’ll partner with our CTO to help provide key input on the product roadmap, own product decisions, and build our foundational tech platform.


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