Front end engineer

  • Full Time
  • Remote
  • Full Time
  • Remote


As a front end engineer on the marketing team, you will be working on things like migrating our website from our monolith to Hubspot, adding new pages to our website, cross-browser testing and migrating our blog from Ghost to Hubspot. You will be responsible for ensuring the quality of our website, which drives millions of dollars in revenue. We also expect every engineer to spend at least one day on customer support to understand our customer better.
We’re looking for a self-starter, who is communication focused with a deep sense of ownership and a team mentality to collaborate on achieving performant front-end rendering.
You can expect to meet on a daily basis to go over task progress and design solutions. You’ll be working directly with the marketing, technical and design teams: Doug Keeney, Sahil Sen, Chet Bortz, Dmitry Shklovsky and Auston Bunsen.

We need you to have experience with:

  • Writing cross-browser compatible HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Configuring asset pipelines with Webpack / PostCSS / Babel
  • Using Tailwind CSS
  • Writing tests for your JavaScript with either Mocha, Jest or Jasmine
  • Profiling performance issues
  • Debugging browser rendering issues across multiple platforms
  • Ruby on rails and the associated templating language
  • Some knowledge of ruby scripting
  • Extensive knowledge of the hubspot platform
  • Documenting your processes and sharing knowledge


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