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As a Go engineer on the innovation team, you will be working on things like coding custom features to spike out radical ideas, specing out costs, and writing briefs on the feasibility of new ideas. You will be responsible for ensuring we spike out innovative ideas, which will help us maintain our market leadership. We also expect every engineer to spend at least one day on customer support to understand our customer better.
We’re looking for a self-starter, who is communication focused with a deep sense of ownership and a team mentality to collaborate on creating cutting edge technology for our customers.
You can expect to meet on a daily basis to go over task progress and design solutions. You’ll be working directly with the technical team: Manuel Kreutz, Mauro Delazeri, Saurab Joshi, David Karim and Steve Toro.

We need you to have experience with:

  • Designing high available systems with disaster recovery in mind
  • Software Development in Go
  • Working with databases of all types (relational, no-sql, time-series, etc)
  • The HTTP specification
  • The Ethereum JSON-RPC
  • Benchmarking tools to ensure your code does not slow down production traffic
  • Monitoring and debugging production issues
  • Linux / Bash Scripting
  • Containerization (Running Docker, K8s, etc)
  • Writing applications that make heavy use of concurrency or parallelism
  • Documenting your processes and sharing knowledge
QuickNode is a cloud-based infrastructure company that powers the blockchain ecosystem.
Our mission is to be the indispensable utility that empowers  companies  and  innovators globally to build next-generation, Web3 enabled businesses  & applications using blockchain technology. QuickNode is backed by some of the worlds best investors including Tiger Global, Y Combinator, SoftBank, and the Seven Seven Six Fund, and the team has  more than 20+  years of experience building global data infrastructure.

Source: api.lever.co

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