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High Level Executive Assistant to CEO (Minimum 5 years experience)

One of the fastest-growing and most entrepreneurial companies in Miami needs a senior executive assistant to support the CEO. How To Manage A Small Law Firm (owned by How To Manage Enterprises) has been named by Inc. Magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the Country, for five years in a row. Revenues and head count are on-track to more than double in the next 24 months. And our hard-charging, visionary (read “disorganized”) founder and CEO needs a level-headed, organized, systematic career executive assistant to help all of us by helping him to be more productive.

The mission of the Senior Executive Assistant is to stay five steps ahead of the CEO & Founder, tracking all of the administrative details, and clearing the path for him to make his greatest contribution to our business. By empowering the CEO to do what he does the Senior Executive Assistant makes a meaningful contribution to the mission of the company, revenues and profitability goals.

The successful candidate must be creative and enjoy working within a small, entrepreneurial environment that is mission-driven, results-oriented and fast-paced.

Must have at least 5 years experience as a CEO executive assistant.

You should have the ability to exercise good judgment in a variety of situations, with strong written and verbal communication, administrative, and organizational skills, and the ability to maintain a realistic balance among multiple priorities. You should also have the ability to work independently on projects and activities, from conception to completion, and be able to work under pressure at times to handle a wide variety of activities and confidential matters with discretion.

You’ll manage multiple projects, cross-communicate with different teams across the Country, on behalf of your exec to disseminate and collect information and keep track of his in-box and his outbox to be sure there’s a steady flow of productivity. This is a long-term career opportunity and the right person can grow with our growing company for many years to come.

To succeed in this challenging position you must be organized. You must know how to create and manage systems. You should think in terms of checklists. We have annual, quarterly and monthly patterns in our business but in-between those broad patterns, it’s a free-for-all because of our rate of growth and all the new opportunities and challenges that go along with growing a business more each year than most companies grow, ever. This can be a chaotic environment and your role is to bring order to the chief chaos maker’s life so he can get more traction and do what he does second-best (after making chaos, of course!)

You are a person who welcomes ambiguity and appreciates the ‘figure it out” attitude that makes the best entrepreneurial companies, the best! We are extremely transparent, blunt, and open to all opportunities.

If you like the water-cooler style office and doing pretty much the same things every day, this is NOT the position for you. This is a startup environment where we have ideas over breakfast and get them implemented by lunch time.


In addition to keeping the CEO organized, productive and “in the know”, you will participate in a range of activities that include creating documented systems, hard copy document and digital file management, track and manage high level projects involving high level personnel, calendar management, coordinating extensive and high level travel arrangement for your executive while also being sure he doesn’t forget to “have a life” with his family, not so much “legal” research as “figure it out” research and just generally looking out for your exec in all aspects of his life to make sure he lives-up to his highest-aspirations (for example, he shouldn’t forget to send a thank-you note to someone who does something nice for him).

Duties include:

Gate Keeping

Acts as liaison with clients and partners; screening, researching, and managing correspondence, messages, telephone calls, emails and visitors in a timely manner- minimizing interruptions and resolving issues independently when possible.
Management and holding people both within and outside of the organization (including the CEO himself) accountable for deliverable’s owed to and from the CEO such as letters, emails, videos, digital files, verbal answers, etc.
Demonstrating a high level of interpersonal skills and the ability to handle confidential information; maintains employer’s privacy by keeping information private. You will often be your exec’s representative and ambassador.

Organizing and Supporting the CEO

Maintains executive’s highly active calendar by setting, monitoring, and confirming appointments; reminding him of schedules; preparing visitors; developing itineraries.
Facilitates weekly meetings, takes notes and tracks completion of goal and to do items.
Manages tasks related to monthly teleconference calls including arranging, scheduling and participating in monthly teleconference calls; tracking and reporting pre- and post- the live event.
Keeps notes at all meetings, attends meetings when executive is unable to attend and reports back to him.
Makes travel arrangements, reservations for dining and ground transportation, and books hotel accommodations.
Provides administrative services by entering contacts in database system with all pertinent information; updates and maintains database files and records; collects and analyzes information.
Organization, organization, organization. Making sure you and your exec can put your hands on what is needed, when it’s needed, where it’s needed so that productive work can be accomplished during appointments, meetings and scheduled work time (instead of wasting an hour looking for what’s needed and then by the time your exec finds it he’s lost his mojo for the project)
Reformat documents drafted by executives and finalize them for send out
Handle executives’ personal errands such as personal expenses, appointments, dry cleaning, car repairs, etc.

Research and Independent Project Management

Arranges activities and services by identifying and clarifying needs and desires; researching options
Carries out and researches requests with little direction and presents findings in a timely manner
Anticipates assistance needed by identifying problems, needs, options, and solutions before being asked
Work independently and/or within a team on special projects as assigned.

When you get to the “Apply Now” box, please spell your name backwards. For example, if your name is John Smith, please type htimS, nhoJ. This is so we know you are paying attention and can follow instructions. You’d be surprised how many people can’t or simply choose not to.

Salary: $75,000.00 annual

To apply for this job email your details to

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