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Shift is seeking a program manager to join our Career Accelerators team, with primary responsibility for our “Breaking Into Project Management” accelerator. With oversight from the VP of Community & Career Discovery and the Career Accelerators Lead, this individual will be the end-to-end owner responsible for program execution and maintenance. This includes but is not limited to:

● Admissions Process Support: Partner with the Manager of Admissions & Candidate Support to monitor and refine the program admissions process and criteria to ensure a steady pipeline of outstanding candidates into the program and subsequently to Shift’s hiring partners.

● Cohort Management and Curriculum Delivery: Conduct all necessary activities to run the program day-to-day, including but not limited to taking attendance, reviewing and approving student resumes and LinkedIn profiles, hosting office hours, approving candidates for Talent Spotlight, facilitating expert presentations and breakout session activities, etc.

● Curriculum Management: Continually monitor and assess curriculum effectiveness via conversations with participants and post-course survey data. Partner with industry experts to evaluate and update curriculum to ensure it remains relevant and modern based on changes to the career field.

● Student Community Engagement: Within our learning management system, engage with students in discussion, creating discussion prompts, answering questions, encouraging conversation, and fostering relationships within and across cohorts.

● Expert Network Management: Build and manage a network of industry experts to serve as guest speakers, panelists, and mentors to students. Conduct expert outreach, screening, onboarding, and ongoing engagement; continually re-evaluate the expert network to ensure that appropriate and diverse voices are represented in the curriculum.

● Innovate at Will: As the program owner, continue to push the envelope across all dimensions of program design and delivery to ensure that we are delivering a truly world-class employment resource to the military community.

IMPORTANT: The ideal candidate will need to be available within the next 30 days

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