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We’re currently seeking a dynamic, driven, motivated, high energy, polished, seasoned Sales leader to drive the business forward and meaningfully contribute in helping the business evolve. Our business has grown organically  through inbound marketing efforts. The Strategic Sales  leader will shift the culture from reactive to proactive, add key hires, manage the existing sales and project management team, build a successful strategic accounts sales organization, acquire and maintain a book of business, build a Strategic Accounts program and achieve company revenue milestones.

This is a lead from the front, in the trenches, player-coach, build the airplane while we’re flying role. Not for the faint of heart, but fulfilling because the role truly has a meaningful impact on the business and we have the opportunity to build something incredibly valuable. The Strategic Sales  leader will work with and grow clients like Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, and Comcast, yes, existing clients, while at the same time working with, managing and training the existing sales team. Beyond the tactical components of sales, this role requires the ability to step back, think strategically, evaluate market gaps and design/execute strategies that differentiate the business from the rest of the market. As this role goes, so goes the team and so goes the company, so, no pressure.

We are looking for someone that has experience building and driving sales organizations. The perfect candidate has proven past performance in achieving team revenue goals as well as individual revenue goals + experience in strategy, planning, modeling, closing, training, management, decision making and leadership. Lastly, as the company evolves we need drivers vs. passengers, people that are willing and capable of own specific parts of the business, blending it to the company culture and producing the specific operating plan results. Are you along for the ride or do you want to drive the bus?


  • Managing and build the Strategic Sales organization
  • Building a Strategic Accounts program
  • Acquire and maintain a book of business
  • Achieve revenue milestones and operating plan objectives
  • Establish relationships with enterprise accounts and expand within the existing customer base
  • Create and manage daily, weekly, monthly reports and scorecards
  • Train, evaluate, assess, repeat
  • Implement a standardized Strategic Sales process
  • Become a resident expert on the market, customers and suppliers
  • Make key hires in accordance with the operating plan ramp schedule
  • Lead by doing, including understanding the internal process from end to end
  • Proactively communicate up and down the organization on key status updates
  • Report monthly on performance metrics
  • Actively participate with the leadership on designing and implementing the growth plan
  • Work closely with product and marketing teams to position us for success with strategic accounts


  • Has demonstrable past performance in building and leading sales organizations in achieving operating plan goals and objectives
  • Has experience and background selling both product and technology services
  • Has strong leadership capabilities and characteristics
  • Understands a business holistically and how all components are interconnected and work together
  • Is an expert in building trust, highly dependable, keeps commitments and overachieves

What Success Looks Like:

  • Quickly earn the trust and respect of the current leadership team
  • Quickly earn the trust and respect of the current sales team
  • Become a resident expert in the current sales process / end to end
  • Achieve company / team revenue and retention milestones
  • Achieve operating plan hire ramps

To apply for this job please visit jobs.swagup.com.

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