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Wyncode graduates more coders and job placement rate rises to 93% in 2018

Wyncode graduates more coders and job placement rate rises to 93% in 2018


By Nancy Dahlberg

Job placements have increased, students are getting positions faster and starting salaries are up for students who graduated from  Wyncode Academy in 2018, a new report by the Miami-based technical education company found.

Wyncode Academy is one of just three code schools in the nation that release independently verified placement data every year. It’s a result of being invited to the White House in 2015 and making a public commitment to President Obama. Its stats are independently verified by MBAF, a Miami accounting firm.

Who are Wyncode students? In 2018, the average age was 30 and 42% of them were high school graduates, 12% had an associate’s degree and the rest had higher degrees. They paid an average of $11,419 for the 10-week full-time bootcamps in either the Full Stack Web Development or the UX/UI Immersive Program (scholarships are available too).

Those hired – 93% of the job-seeking graduates in 2018 – found work at Microsoft, GE Digital, Ultimate Software, Royal Caribbean, IBM, WIX and CareCloud, among others. Average salary: $52,669.  

“This is great news for Wyncoders and it’s awesome news for the South Florida Tech ecosystem at large, as there are more developer jobs than ever before paying higher wages,” said Juha Mikkola, who co-founded Wyncode with his wife Johanna in 2014. Both are Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

In conjunction with the release of the report, Wyncode announced it will be launching Wyncode’s Income Share Agreement program, which will allow select students to delay paying Wyncode until they have found a job.

Here are a few more highlights of the report:

  • Overall, Wyncode placed 58 more individuals in 2018 than it did in 2017. 149 students were placed in 2018 compared to 91 in 2017.
  • Wyncode’s placement rate – the rate at which job-seeking Wyncode graduates found jobs — increased from 90% to 93% compared to 2017. The speed at which graduates were placed increased, too: 67% were placed within 90 days compared to 65% in 2017, 75% placed within 120 days compared to 73% in 2017 and 93% placed overall compared to 90% in 2017.
  • 85% of the hired students found jobs in technical roles. The top three job categories: software developer, junior developer and UX/UI designer.
  • Wyncode’s average salary rose to $52,669, which is an increase of $1,077 YOY. This has increased by 15% (from $46,200) in 2014/2015.
  • The number of female students has increased every year, from 20% in 2014/2015 to 31% in 2018. “Wyncode has committed $1.4 million in scholarship funding to get us to 50/50,” the Mikkolas said.
  • 19 students (or 10% of graduates) in 2018 were military veterans, the highest number yet for Wyncode. Wyncode is the only coding boot camp to accept the GI Bill in Florida. 

Download the Wyncode report here:

Wyncode was featured during the Rise of the Rest bus tour May 1, when Steve Case and the Revolution team visited Wyncode’s new, expanded campus. Later in May, Wyncode and CareerSource teamed up to announce a $200,000 scholarship program for its inaugural Women in Tech cohort. In March, Wyncode announced a Future Leaders of Miami Technology Fellowship, with support from Knight Foundation and Microsoft, to promote access to technology education for low-income, under-represented South Florida residents.

What’s ahead?  In addition to launching the new student-friendly income share agreements that allow qualifying prospective students to defer tuition payments until they are employed, Wyncode is also focusing on building services it offer companies through its Wyntalent division.

“The biggest thing local tech companies ask about is where to find vetted technology talent. Wyntalent connects our network of 700+ software engineer and digital design graduates, some with over 5 years of development experience, with these employers. We have already helped companies like RBI, CareCloud and Magic Leap identify great talent to join their teams,” said Juha Mikkola.This is a win-win as it allows us to help our students multiple times throughout their careers while assisting companies to identify and vet hard to find talent.”

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